New year, new resolutions.

That time of the year is approaching – we’ll soon close the book on 2015 and start drafting our big, bright plans for 2016. Whether you want to hit the gym or shoot for that promotion, the new year brings with it new opportunities.

But how can you collect resolutions and organize them properly? How can you get started on achieving them? And how can you see them through? It takes structure and discipline, but luckily CloudTasks is here to help.

1. Be realistic, be strategic.

Start by collecting your ambitions and to-dos. Unlike most projects, New Year’s resolutions are generally quite bold, so it's important to be realistic and consider the amount of time and energy you will need to complete them. Planning to become an astronaut, win the Tour De France and paint a masterpiece is more than most people can handle (unless you’re a strange mixture of Buzz Aldrin, Lance Armstrong and Picasso), so try picking 3 to 5 realistic goals that you can accomplish within a year.

Inspiration: Lose weight, learn to drive, stop smoking, save money.

2. Set the stage, bit by bit.

With your ambitions in mind and CloudTasks to hand, it’s easy to get everything reading for January 1st. Create a list called “2016 Resolutions” and note down all of your goals (like the ones above). The goals will probably be quite big, so we suggest using subtasks to break them down into smaller chunks. This will not only help you forecast how much time you’ll need to complete each goal, but will help you keep track as you go and give you a boost of motivation every time you tick a subtasks off. One step at a time!

Learning to drive subtask examples: research driving instructors, book 20 lessons, organize theory test, buy car.

3. Keep yourself on track.

Most of us like to take our time with tasks, but some need a boost of motivation along the way. Many projects, such as losing weight, also rely on regular reminders or set dates that coincide with actions. If you’re working towards a goal that has time-sensitive actions, set up reminds on your tasks so you remember to do them. The first one could certainly be “Start your goals!” at 12am on January 1st.

Lose weight reminder examples: Sign up to gym on January 2nd, weigh in on January 7th, run with personal trainer on January 11th at 7am. 

4. Collect all the details.

Contracts, dates, names: as big goals pick up momentum, they usually collect lots of additional details. Don’t let them slip through your fingers. Whether you need to send a PDF as proof of ID or require some notes along with your to-do, CloudTasks has a suite of features that allows you to keep all of these details in one place. Use voice input, attachments, notes, and sharing for better context.

Save money detail examples: write note detailing forecasted income, attach PDF of recent bank statement.

5. Rearrange as you go.

Plans change, and when they do it takes determination to stay on track. If new tasks crop up, collect and process them as quickly as possible. If lists get bigger and bigger, try different sort and filter options on each to get a clearer view – one setting is not applicable to all lists. Tap the three lines at the top of a list, choose your view, and you’re good to go. CloudTasks is flexible, just like you need to be.

Sort & Filter examples: alphabetical sorting in the lose weight list, priority sorting in the save money list.

Of course there are many other neat tips and tricks that you can apply throughout the year, and we’ll be back with more. But for now, use these to get started – we’re looking forward to seeing those big goals become reality!