How to remember every important task at work, home and play

Life is complicated. And there’s so much to remember. So many to-dos, and so little time. How do you make sure you always remember the important jobs and never fail to do something essential?

Here are our four tips for using CloudTasks to help you remember your important jobs:

1: Add a due date

Adding a due date means two things:

a.     The task will appear in your calendar (if you use CloudCal). You can also manage the task from with CloudCal.

b.     You’ll get a briefing notification on the day the task is due (unless you’ve turned the briefing off). 

2: Add a reminder

Don’t rely on your memory. If a task is important, why not add a reminder? You can configure the reminder for any time / day before the task is due.

3: Use recurring tasks

Need to prepare for a meeting every week? Need to shop for an anniversary gift every year? Create a recurring task so these kinds of regular event never get left behind.

4: Practice perfect task management

See our blog post on how to develop the ultimate task management routine. In a nutshell we recommend:

·       Creating new tasks as soon as they arise

·       Consolidating your task lists so every to-do is in CloudTasks

·       Write detailed task descriptions so you know what you’re supposed to do.

That’s all from us. Do you have any other task management tips?