Tick-Tock Tales: Mike Meets CloudCal & CloudTasks

Welcome to a new blog series that explores some of the wonderful things our users get done with CloudCal and CloudTasks. This week we talk to Mike Wright, a self-confessed workaholic who relies on both apps. 

For most of us, dealing with personal meetings is usually enough. But for some, planning and organizing them for other people is all in a day’s work. That’s exactly what Mike Wright does, a recruiter based in the US. Mike is responsible for making sure his company interviews and hires the right kind of talent, and it all starts with his calendar – organization is the key.

Mike, how important is organization to you? 

I am a workaholic, so hitting my professional goals is must, but at the same time I want balance in my life. Juggling everything requires dedication and a sharp eye for detail, especially when deadlines are looming. Whether it’s something for the office or my family, CloudCal and CloudTasks give me my entire schedule at my fingertips. Organization is invaluable.

What is your main productivity goal?

I interact with a lot of people throughout the day, either in person, on the phone, or through email. It is very important at work that I have a list of people I need to contact in the morning and throughout the rest of my busy day – it needs to be clear and always accessible. CloudCal ensures my day goes smoothly by showing all of my calendars in one convenient place.

What were your struggles before CloudCal? 

Flipping from one calendar to the other was a constant hassle. I have 8 calendars that I use daily. It just didn’t work for me anymore. 

So how did CloudCal help?

Both apps offered a very unique solution that I couldn’t find elsewhere: they can be integrated. With a few taps, I could see all of my calendars and tasks in one place, which immediately solved my problem. On top of that, I could seamlessly share tasks back and forth from CloudTasks. This boosted my productivity no end, and continues to do so today. 

What were the results?

I have seen tremendous results using CloudCal and CloudTasks. I haven't forgotten an appointment or double booked anything in a long time… what helps is that there’s a clear overview of everything, so mistakes are easy to spot. I don’t have to switch between different apps and services, which saves me a lot of time.

What’s your top CloudCal tip?

My tip is simple: only use the features you need, which is easy with both apps. A lot of other apps cram functions and features that get in the way of your productivity. Keep it simple, and I guarantee you’ll save lots of time and get more done – I have!

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