Total task and time management with CloudCal and CloudTasks

Calendars rarely give you a complete picture of your life. That’s because they show meetings,  events and appointments, but not tasks.

We understand that life is often filled with a mixture of events, to-dos and the unexpected. That’s why we created two apps that work in harmony to give you a true representation of your schedule.

CloudCal + CloudTasks = a true view of your schedule

CloudTasks is a complete task management app. But when you use it in partnership with CloudTasks you get the added benefit of tasks appearing alongside events in your calendar.

So when you check your daily agenda, you don’t just see your meetings and appointments – you see everything happening that day.

To see tasks in your calendar, simply add a deadline for your task.

You can also manage the task from within your calendar – and mark it as complete when you’re done.


Create events and tasks in CloudCal

You need both CloudCal and CloudTasks installed for this one.

Got both? Great. 

You probably know that you can create a new event in your calendar by tapping the red + button. But did you know you can create a task in your calendar by long-pressing the red + button? 
So you don’t need to switch over to CloudTasks when you need to create a new task or to-do list. You can get started from within CloudCal. 


How to navigate rapidly through screens

One of our favorite features of CloudCal is how you can swipe to cycle through the different calendar views.
From the month view you swipe left to switch to the week view.
From the week view you swipe left to switch to the day view.
And you can swipe right to get back to the previous view.

So far, so obvious.
But did you know that you can jump to specific points in the different views?

Let’s imagine that you’re on the month view, but you want a closer look at your schedule next week. Easy. You simply put your finger on that week and then swipe left. And there you are. You land on the week you’re interested in.

This also works from the week view. Want a closer look at one day? Easy. Put your finger on the day and then swipe left. You’ll land on the day you chose.