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See your availability in an instant  

Only CloudCal offers Magic Circles, which transform each day of the month into a clock face. With a quick glance, you will get a beautiful color-coded representation of the hours you’re free and busy. There's nothing new to learn.


Sync with your favorite calendar

CloudCal syncs effortlessly with Google Calendar, Google Tasks, Microsoft Outlook/Exchange. All so you can start using CloudCal instantly, and find all of your existing appointments waiting for you.

On top you can create a reminder directly from CloudCal, or within Evernote. With Evernote and CloudCal together, you can sync your to-dos both ways and give a boost to your productivity more than ever! 

Add Facebook into CloudCal and never miss your favorite Facebook events. Now you can also reply to all your invitations directly from CloudCal.


Natural language: manage time faster with our built-in Smart Bot (English only)

Why act like a robot when you can talk like a human?  With CloudCal's built-in Smart Bot, you can manage your time more efficiently than ever before - without having to learn anything new! Just type or speak an appointment as you naturally would, something like "Dinner with friends next Thursday at 7pm".  CloudCal will interpret what you say and take all the important information, such as the date and time, and create your event in a breeze. Less effort, more productivity.   


Customize your view to match your lifestyle

 Every CloudCal screen is designed to give you exactly what you need, when you need it. Start with the brilliant month view and get the big picture, before drilling down into the week, day and agenda view. CloudCal is here to work with you. 


Work faster with maps, locations and directions

Don't just input your tasks with speed– complete them with speed too. Autocomplete makes it quick to add locations to your events, and integrated zoomable maps allow you to easily reach them. You can even call on your favorite navigation app.


Add attachments to your events

Want to share a file or an agenda with your meeting attendees? Now it’s easy. Just attach files to your event.  Attachments can also be a photo, a vocal message, a file residing in your device or any Dropbox file.


Make it yours

Managing your time doesn't have to be dull. Add a splash of color and choose one of our custom background images, or use one of the thousands stunning photographs available from 500px®.


CloudCal at a glance


Cloud Sync

Data is stored in Google Calendar for security.



Create events with two taps.

Smart Bot

Use natural speech to create your events.



Swipe left or right to change calendar view and explore your calendar



Attach voice memos, images and  files from your device or Dropbox.


Google Now 

Traffic updates, reminders and more.



Plan your journey with Google or Waze. 



Launch the app, browse your appointments, create tasks.



Search events by title, location, as well as by note or attachment.



No account or log-in needed.
Fast to use, and secure to boot.



Add descriptions to your events using your voice.



Choose  solid or hundreds from 500px®.