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Do even more: sync with Google Tasks

CloudTasks is fully compatible with Google Tasks, giving you greater flexibility to accomplish your goals.
CloudTasks extends the functionality of Google Tasks by providing you with priorities, reminders and recurring tasks and comes packed with many other features.


Manage time faster with our built-in Smart Bot (English only)

Why act like a robot when you can talk like a human?  With CloudTasks's built-in Smart Bot, you can manage your time more efficiently than ever before - without having to learn anything new! Just type or speak an appointment as you naturally would, something like "Meeting with Laura next Monday at 2pm".  CloudTasks will interpret what you say and take all the important information, such as the due date and time, and create your to-dos in a breeze. Less effort, more productivity.   


Triumph over your to-dos

Based on the GTD methodology, CloudTasks provides everything you need to get things done fast and efficiently: make lists, create tasks in one single tap, add reminders, assign priorities, and more. It’s your entire life in the palm of your hand.


Subtasks in CloudTasks

To accomplish big goals like renovating a house or writing a report, it’s essential to break things down into small, manageable chunks. Subtasks makes this easy – just tap the ‘+’ or the microphone to add as many subtasks as you need. You can drag and drop subtasks to re-order them, and delete subtasks with a simple swipe. It’s never been easier to see an overview of your progress and get a boost of motivation as you tick your way through!


Personalize your workflow with Sort and make it smarter with Search

Define different sorting behaviors for each task list and sort by due date, priority and alphabetical order or search for any keywords.


See your daily tasks instantly on your homescreen.

Get a personalized daily brief of your approaching deadlines, so you always know what’s due today and what’s overdue.


Tasks meet time: integrate your to-dos with CloudCal

Integrate your tasks with CloudCal, so you can keep track of what's next – without diving from one app to another. Need to complete a task? Easy, just do a double tap.


Make it yours

Getting things done doesn't have to be dull. Add a splash of color and choose one of our custom background images, solid or use one of the thousands stunning photographs available from 500px®.


CloudTasks at a glance


Smart Bot

Natural speech to create tasks.



Never forget an essential task again.



Star ratings priority.


Recurring task

Pattern or frequency of task repetition. 



Daily brief of approaching deadlines.



Have tasks show in CloudCal.

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Voice memos, images,  files from device or Dropbox. 


Voice input

Just speak the details.



Share tasks with others via e-mail.



By due date, priority, or alphabetically.



No account or log-in needed.



Swipe between tasks and lists.