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Set Up

Set up your preferred language.

By default CloudCal uses the default language on your Android OS.

Which languages are supported by CloudCal?

CloudCal currently supports the following languages: Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, Dutch, English, French, German, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, Portuguese (Brazilian), Russian

→ Syncing

The sync to Google Calendar is not working

CloudCal is a graphic user interface to the Android calendar storage (which is a system service in your device which is the sole responsable for the sync). CloudCal doesn't store, delete or sync your data. For syncing with Google Calendar make sure to have the latest Google Calendar app installed and have calendar sync on in your Google account Please also refer to Google's FAQ page: https://goo.gl/n5ZI6S

Sync CloudCal with Evernote, Facebook, Meetup, Trello or Eventbrite (Pro users only)

Open CloudCal's Settings. In the "Calendar" section tap on the account that you wish to connect. Enter your login details and authorize CloudCal to access your account.

Sync CloudCal with any Microsoft account (Exchange/Hotmail/O365)

If your account it's not allready set up yet, please follow our tutorial to help you do it.

  1. Open "Settings" in CloudCal.
  2. Tap on "Add calendar account".
  3. Choose the account type for Microsoft.
    On the new Samsung devices is called "Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync".
    On the Nexus devices is called "Exchange".
    on most Huawey devices is called "Corporate".
    On HTC is called called "Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync".
    If your device is not listed above look for accounts named like: "Microsoft", Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync, "ActiveSync" or "Corporate".
    If in doubt please get in touch with us.
    IMPORTANT: Don't select "Outlook" as account type as it doesn't work.
  4. Fill in your email address and password to connect with your Exchange server. Be careful, these info are upper/lower case sensitive and you may need to refer to your Exchange admin.
  5. Ensure the account is now syncing.
  6. In CloudCal open Settings/Manage Calendars Settings.
  7. Ensure your calendar is listed and both checkboxes are checked.

→ How do I...

How can I get the Outlook appointment categories to sync to CloudCal

All Outlook events are synced to the internal Android calendar of the device which doesn’t support categories, hence this information is not transferred. Since CloudCal is a User Interface that reads the internal Android calendar of the device, it doesn't have the information of the Outlook categories. CloudCal's own categories are saved locally in the device.

How do I remove duplicates of all holidays/birthdays when using more than one account and having calendars for each.

In the Google Calendar app disable holidays/birthdays to avoid your preferences being overwritten. Subscribe to holidays and birthdays only in one account.

How do I make the "Add audio attachments" work. I get a message that "no audio recorder is installed"

Most Android devices provide a default audio recorder. Not so the Nexus phones unfortunately. You can install AudioRecorder by Sony Mobile Communications, it's a free app with no ads that works perfectly.

How do I hide the week numbers from the month, week and day view?

Go to Settings, and tick off "Week Numbers".

How do I set the rest day(s) of my country in a different color?

CloudCal by default will not show any rest day(s) in any of its views. If you wish to see the rest day(s) displayed in a different color this is possible in red. Go to Settings and in the "Week" section select "Day(s) marked in red" than tick the days of the week that CloudCal shall display recurrently as rest day(s).

How do I change the default calendar view I see when I open CloudCal?

By default CloudCal shows the month view but if you want to change it go in Settings and select "Starting View". You can now select the view to be displayed at start. Exit the app with the back button.

How do I change from week agenda to week view?

By default CloudCal shows the week agenda. You can display the standard week view by unticking the flag "Week agenda". Exit the app with the back button.

How do I change the backgrounds?

From the 3 dots menu tap on "Choose background". You may select any of our exclusive backgrounds or select any background from 500px®.

How do I sync my calendar with someone else's calendar?

First, make sure you've authorized the other person to see your main calendar for your account, or another calendar you created in Google Calendar. Note: You can only edit your sharing settings from a computer, not the mobile app. Learn how here: https://support.google.com/calendar/answer/37082?hl=en. This new calendar will show in CloudCal in the drawer among all other calendars.

How do I sync my CloudCal's calendar between my phone and tablet?

Install CloudCal on both your phone and tablet. Configure on both your devices all the calendar accounts that need to be synced by your device. Ensure you use on both devices the same gmail account used for the download. CloudCal will read from the Android calendar of each device all the accounts that are configured. The sync between devices of any change in your calendars is carried out by the sync adapter of each device.

How do I get birthdays to show up in the calendars?

You can add your contact's birthdays as an additional calendar in your Google calendar via their web interface. CloudCal will then display all your contact's birthdays accordingly.

  1. Go to the Google Calendar page: Click on the cogwheel button on the top right hand side and select Settings.
  2. Go to the "Calendar” tab
    Check if the Birthday Calendar is visible and ticked. If it’s not visible than please do the following.
  3. Click on "Browse interesting calendars" in the other calenders section
  4. Go to the "More" tab
    There's a calendar called "contact's birthdays and events", click on subscribe

→ Troubleshooting

Can't upgrade to PRO/Already PRO app asks to pay again

Because of a bug in Google's Licensing Server or Play Store app if you experience any issues while trying to puchase the PRO version try the following:
1) Open Settings in the device you need to upgrade 2) Tap on "Apps" (it may be called "Manage apps" or similar based on the make of your device).
3) Clean all data and cache on Google Play Store App.
4) Clean all data and cache on Google Play Service App.
5) Restart your device.
6) Reopen Google Play and accept the end-user license agreement.

Some calendars fail to display.

In the drawer menu ensure that all your calendars are ticked and then syncronize from the top right menu.
If they are not there, check Settings/Calendars: make sure that all your calendars have both checkmarks set.

Why can't I receive SMS notifications?

As of June 27th, SMS notifications from Google Calendar are no longer available. You can set up notifications to pop up on your device from the event-creation view.

Reminders created in Google Calendar do not sync in CloudCal

Reminders are a proprietary feature of Google and has no public interface. Until Google doesn't publishes an API it's not possible for any developer to support this feature in any app.

Sunrise & Sunset times doesn't display in daily view

For the sunrise and sunset location to work CloudCal needs to have the permissions to access your location.
Ensure CloudCal is authorized to read your location.
You can check the current status by opening your phone's Settings.
Tap on Applications/Application manager/CloudCal/Permissions/Location.
Check also the Privacy & Safety of your phone by opening the Settings, Privacy and safety and ensuring Location is on.


Create a task from CloudCal

Long press on the floating button (+). CloudTasks needs to be installed on your device for this action to work.

Quick editing of events

Double tap on any event. Works in day view or agenda

Drag & drop of events

Long press on an event. Works in day view and week view.

→ Widgets

How do I customize the widgets?

Open "Settings" in the drawer menu and tap on "Widgets" in General.


→ How do I...

How do I recover tasks deleted accidentally?

If the tasks were synced to Google Tasks than please do the following:

  • Go into the Google calendar web app: https://calendar.google.com
  • Create a new task
  • Delete it
  • A small yellow box pops up that says "view recently deleted tasks." Click it.
  • A list of all your recently deleted tasks will appear. Click the undo/return arrow to the left of any tasks that you would like to restore.

    How do I disable the daily briefing?

    In Settings untick the field "Enable".

    How do I change the time of the daily briefing?

    In settings select the new time in "Briefing time".

    How do I create more task lists?

    Open the drawer menu, press on "New task list". You can now set up the name and its default colour. If you're using CloudTasks with more than one account, the task list can be assigned to the account of your choice.

    How do I change the backgrounds?

    From the 3 dots menu tap on "Choose background". You may select any of our exclusive backgrounds or select any background from 500px®.

    How do I change the default start view?

    Open the drawer menu, open Settings. Choose your default view among Inbox, Today, Next 7 Days, and All.

→ Troubleshooting

I have just installed CloudTasks but I can't see any task lists.

Chances are that CloudTasks is still syncing with Google Tasks. CloudTasks by default creates one task list for your personal use as soon as the syncing is completed. You may also force the syncing through the "Synchronize" action in the 3 dots menu.

In-app purchases issues

Because of a bug in Google's Licensing Server or Play Store app if you experience any issues while trying to puchase the PRO version try the following:
1) Uninstall the app.
2) Open the device's setting.
3) Tap on "Apps" (it may be called "Manage apps" or similar based on the make of your device).
4) Clean all data and cache on Google's Play Store App.
5) Clean all data and cache on Google's Play Service App.
6) Reopen Google Play and accept the end-user license agreement.
7) Reinstall the app.


→ General Questions

Are CloudCal and CloudTasks a one time purchase or a recurring fee?

CloudCal and CloudTasks PRO features are a one-time only purchase, so you will not be charged more than once. CloudCal and CloudTasks can be run on multiple Android devices without extra charges, as long as you are using the same Google Play account.