Get organised with CloudTasks

Here’s a brief guide to the core features of CloudTasks task management. 



Once installed, you’ll be asked to give CloudTasks permission to manage your Google tasks. If you have more than one account, you can select it in CloudTasks settings.   

          Authorization window

          Authorization window

    Swipe right and left to view your tasks

   Swipe right and left to view your tasks


Your color coded tasks manager

Swipe right to view tasks for Inbox, Today, Next 7 days, Next Weekend, All and for each task list. Tasks can be sorted based on priority, due date, or Alphabetic order. Change the ascending or descending order by tapping on the Sort icon.     

  • Each view can have different sorting 

  • Each list and view is color coded for better organization

Experience the Smart Bot (English only)

One innovative feature of CloudTasks is the ability to create tasks using natural language. This saves a lot of time and can help you accomplish even more. Tasks can be entered by voice or by manually typing them in. Smart bot will interpret your request, fill out all of the necessary fields such as due date and time, and submit your task to the inbox. To get you started, here are some examples:

"Lunch with Martin tomorrow at 1 pm”

“Take out the trash every Sunday at 5 pm”

“Book holiday on July 30th at 3 pm”

Smart bot can understand due dates, times and recurring tasks. 



Create tasks

  • Short press on the insert button (+) from the task view.
  • Create your task by "New task", "Voice input" or "Fast add"

Create tasks with "Fast add"

  • Short press on "Fast add", after a short press on on the insert button (+)
  • Use natural language (such as “Dinner tomorrow at 7 pm") and the built-in smart bot will interpret what you say and create your task.
  • Set a reminder or notification by pressing on the clock (optional). 
  • Select the list of the task. By default Inbox.


  • Enter you task
  • Set a due date by tapping on the calendar icon (optional). 
  • Set a time by tapping on the clock-face icon (optional).
  • Set a reminder or notification by pressing on the clock (optional). 
  • Select the list of the task. By default "Inbox"

Create tasks with "New task"

  • Tap on “New task”
  • Tap on the tick in the top right corner to save your task 

                   Create tasks

                  Create tasks

                        Fast add

                       Fast add


Create as many task lists as you like

1.     Tap ‘New task list’ from the navigation menu (from the task section of CloudCal).

2.     Give your task list a name. You can also choose a color to make it stand out.

3.     Your new task list will now appear in the task list view.

4.     Swipe from side-to-side to switch between task lists.

5.     You can either add new tasks to your task list or you can move tasks from other lists (see below for instructions).

          Create a  new task list

          Create a  new task list


Move tasks between task lists with ease.

1.     Tap on a task.

2.     Tap the name of the task list (alongside the small arrow).

3.     Select the task list you want.


Edit or delete task lists

1.     Tap on the list to edited or deleted

2. Tap on the pencil icon on the toolbar.

3.   You can now change the name, color of the list or delete it. 



Reorder your lists

    Drag the anchor to change             the order of any list

    Drag the anchor to change             the order of any list


Want a better overview of what needs to be done? Reordering lists in CloudTasks is easy. 

The drawer shows you all of your lists, as well as the total number of tasks and uncompleted to-dos (in red) for each. Use the anchor to rearrange these lists by drag and drop. Simple! 


Set up recurring tasks (PRO only)

A recurring task can help you remember – automatically – something that needs to be repeated at specific intervals. This can be taking out the trash, sending a birthday card or calling a friend.

Recurring tasks may be minutely, hourly, daily, weekly, monthly or yearly.

When you set a task to recur, the next task in the series will only show up once the first has been completed. If the first isn’t checked off, it will be rolled over and no subsequent task will be created. This thoughtful solution makes sure your overview is not cluttered by multiple instances of the same task. Clarity is key! 

Call on your contacts (PRO only)

When it comes to organizing time with friends, family and colleagues, having contact information at hand can save a lot of time. By becoming a PRO user of CloudTasks, your contacts will be autocompleted when you enter a to-do, making it easier than ever to accomplish things.

Simply start typing a person's name into the title field and tap on it when it shows. CloudTasks will then add their details - such as email address and phone number - to the Notes field for quick action. 

Add attachments to your tasks (PRO only)

Need to remember something important about your tasks? Now it’s easy. Just attach the files you want.

1.     Tap the paperclip icon when you create or edit a task.

2.     Attach a file from your device, Google Drive or Dropbox. Or you can take a picture or record audio.

3.     You can share attachments via email without having to share the entire task. If you share Dropbox files the other party will receive a link to your file. If you share a voice recording, photo or other file from your device the other party will receive the file.



Set-up your backgrounds

  1. Tap on the 3-dots menu and choose your favourite background.
  2. Select "Choose background"
  3. Tap on "Phone backgrounds"
  4. Select any theme between solid colors or any 500px beautiful photos. 

Add a new Google account

To sync CloudTasks with another Google Tasks account do as follows:

  1. Open Settings on your device.
  2. Tap on Accounts (it may be called also Accounts & sync or anything similar depending on the make of your device).
  3. Tap on "Add account".
  4. Tap on the G for Google.
  5. Insert email and password of the account to be added.
  6. Return to CloudTasks.
  7. Tap on the hamburger menu (the 3 horizontal lines icon).
  8. . Scroll down and tap on "Settings".
  9. Tap on "Sync Google Tasks accounts".
  10. Check the new account to be added and confirm by tapping on OK.
  11. Tap on the arrow on the top bar to return to the task lists.
    Add a new Google account

    Add a new Google account