"Make time and do more with the most advanced calendar app for Android". CloudCal's revolutionary Magic Circles transform days of the month into clock faces, so you can see the hours you're busy and free at a glance.

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  • Customize your day, week or month view for maximum productivity
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Orchestrate your life with our feature-packed task and to-do list manager. Create, organize, share and accomplish your personal and professional goals.

  • Organize and accomplish your personal and professional goals with confidence
  • Sync with CloudCal and have your time and tasks in one convenient place
  • Sync with Google Tasks and enhance your GTD® experience

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CloudCal and CloudTasks are two of the best productivity apps for Android. Both help you take hold of your personal and professional life today, so you can boost your productivity and accomplish more tomorrow. Download to experience revolutionary features, intuitive and beautiful design, seamless integration, and effortless sync between Google Calendar, Microsoft Exchange,  Outlook, and Google Tasks.